Appropriateness of Yoga: A Path for Development, Physical Well-being and to achieve Growth

*Dhanraj Singh Slathia

*Department of Youth Services and Sports Jammu & Kashmir, (Jammu)


The study is in consideration as Yoga in the curriculum of Physical Education with a view to encourage value education, personality development and mental growth. In reality, impact of yoga on growth, health related fitness and performance related fitness is unexplored. Thus, the present study as role of yoga in relation to growth fitness, and performance has social significance. Physical activity is very essential to gain adequate strength, flexibility and to prevent obesity. Physical fitness, participation in physical activity, fundamental motor skills and body composition are important contributors to the health and the development of a healthy lifestyle. Every individual needs good health and fitness to lead a happy and enjoyable life. Yoga, method of self realization trains the body, mind & spirit to become strong and flexible, release stress and create inner peace and calmness, while developing a deep connection with ones spirit, intuition and power.

Keywords: Physical Education, Physical Wellbeing, Yoga

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