Volume 3 (2017)

Digital Pedagogy in Teacher Education

Shipra Srivastava1, Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal2

1Research Scholar, Department of Education, University of Lucknow, Lucknow

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Lucknow, Lucknow


In the present era of technology, vast changes are required in Indian teacher education system with a more advanced digital pedagogy to shape better teachers in India. Now simple pedagogy is shifting towards Digital Pedagogy, which is a novel way of teaching and learning with ICT. Digital Pedagogy moves the focus from only ICT tools and skills, to a mode of working in the digital world. Digital Pedagogy means the use of electronic fundamentals like multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, etc. to enhance or to change the experience of education and transforms teaching and learning to provide rich, diverse and flexible learning opportunities for digital generation. Present paper discusses that developments in ICT provide very different learning opportunities, and a need to design a new integrated pedagogy in teacher education. Now the aim of teacher education should be to develop skills and appropriate knowledge among teacher trainees for using and integrating the correct technology in a suitable manner. Every teacher must ensure technological integration, pedagogy and subject area content effectively in their daily classroom teaching.

Key Words– Digital Pedagogy, Teacher Education, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Pre-Service Teachers, Digital Generations, Technology