101503 – Vocational Interest of Uttar Pradesh (India) Board Students

A Study on Vocational Interest of Uttar Pradesh (India) Board Students
Ravindra Kumar
Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-16


Indian is a developing country many of the face the difference problem like literacy, unemployment, poverty etc. Unemployment records in India are kept by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India. From 1983 till 2011, Unemployment rates in India averaged 7.6 percent reaching an all time high of 9.4 percent in December 2010 and a record low of 3.8 Percent in December 2011. In India, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force. The number of unemployed persons in India decreased to 39963 thousand in 2009 from 39974 thousand in 2007. Unemployed persons in India averaged 36933 thousand from 1985 until 2009, reaching an all time high of 41750 thousand in 2001 and a record low of 24861 thousand in 1985. In India, unemployed persons are individuals who are without a job and actively seeking to work. India has a Gini coefficient of 36.8. Thus, Census 2011 shows the total literacy rate Male literacy rate India 74.0 percent (Male literary rate 82.14% & Female Literacy Rate 81.8%). In Uttar Pradesh total 69.7% (Male literacy 79.2% & female literacy rate 59.5%). In this way female literacy rate is low that male literacy rate. Now to increase the literary rate of Utter Pradesh as well as India Vocationalization in education is necessary. In the light of educational vocationalizaton this study have been conducting and finding show the magical results. The summary of the results of this shows comparatively the interest of vocationalization of female in difference stream (art, science and commerce) low that male. The need of vocationalization is necessary for grow the literary rate of female.

Key Words: Vocational, Literacy (L), Scientific (Sc), Executive (E), Commercial (C), Constructive (Co), Artistic (A), Agriculture (Ag), Persuasive (P), Social (S) and Household (H)